Vektor Golf MK7 Data Display RHD GB UK Dash Vektortechnik

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Vektor Golf MK7 RHD Display | GB / UK Right-hand drive Version

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Golf MK7 Data Display RHD | Right-hand drive for UK models 7 R VII GTI GTE GTD (PreFacelift & Facelift = all TSI & TDI models

  • Premium GB / UK English Edition & With lifetime updates
  • Official Global Vektortechnik Distributor 
  • Golf MK7 Data Display RHD = BEST Pricing: 698,00 incl. VAT
  • Premium English Edition with extra big accessories kit (SD card cable, navigation removal tools, etc.) & free lifetime updates
  • You choose: Your Golf MK7 has navigation (You’ll get the GNSS switch) or it is without navigation (You’ll get a premium GNSS Antenna)
  • For standard left-hand drive International (German / English) Version click here – Link


  • Golf MK7 Data Display GB / UK RHD | Right-hand drive model for UK models 7 R VII GTI GTD GTE, etc. Display RHD = A premium present for special friends ...
  • OEM fit with several premium features: GNSS 30Hz (GPS, Glonass, Galileo) Laptimer: 0-60, 1/4, 1/2 mile,etc. Accepted time measurement, Coding, DTC Clearance, Diagnosis, Service Reset, etc.
  • Live Data & Logs: Boost, HP, NM, DSG / Exhaust Temp, Timing+ Retard, Lambda, etc.
  • Plug & Play in ALL left-hand traffic (UK/GB) VW Golf MK7 + MK7.5 Models (2013 - 2019): R + GTI + GTD + 2.0 - 1.0 TSI/TDI engines

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Golf 7 mit Navigation, Golf 7 ohne Navigation

2 Bewertungen für Vektor Golf MK7 Data Display RHD GB UK Dash Vektortechnik

  1. LupusGTI

    Excited about having it daily. Perfect Dash for MK7.5 GTI. Love your updates. Regards from Oz.

  2. Bradford

    This was fast. Received three days after ordering. Using the display in 2.0 TSI for dragging and tuning logging. Works extremely accurately so far.

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